Founded in Paris in 2014, our CEO Kathy left her corporate job to take a chance on Miggon and change the retail game. A garage start-up turned global fashion destination, Kathy now leads an empire of over 107 team members. Today. Miggon is taking the industry by storm, boasting over three million followers on Pinterest and shipping to more than 120 countries directly from our US, CN, AU & CN warehouses. Needless to say, 9 years on, we’re bigger, better and killing it!



Our great colleagues make the difference. It’s when we share our skills, knowledge, and experience we become one team. Diversity makes us strong.

We encourage and help each other to achieve our goals, while always having our customers’ and the company’s best interest in mind.

We win as a team, we lose as a team. We have fun as a team. We’re on this great shared adventure together.




With belief and trust in the people around you, anything is possible. That’s why we build our workplace on trust, respect, inclusiveness, and integrity.

We challenge you with great responsibility from the start because when you develop, the company develops too. Every one of us can make a difference.

So have fun, be yourself, and respect others for who they are. Together we can do great things.




The day we stop acting like entrepreneurs, we’ll be just another fashion company. Our success is built on creativity,  innovation, and the excitement of making an immediate impact. So whatever our role, we look for opportunities and take initiatives that set our business in motion.

Although we’re big, breaking new ground is just as important today as it was when we started. We’re still competing for every single customer’s heart, and we work hard to continue to be their first choice. Every day. Everywhere.




We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we’re still far from perfect. We never stop, we never settle, we redefine our limits and stretch our expectations as we do business and interact with the world around us.

It’s the small everyday improvements that make the big difference. Great ideas can come from anywhere and we act on the best ones. If there’s a better way forward, we will discover it.




Being cost-conscious is about keeping an eye on expenses and making smart, sustainable choices even in the small, every-day things. So we look for the ideas and solutions that bring value to our business while avoiding careless spending.

The best way to invest in the future is to take good care of our people, our products, our customers, and our planet. Let’s use our resources responsibly.




We value diversity in people and ideas, as much as in personal style. Having an open mind about people and the world around you brings positive energy, and creates an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Conversations lead to great things. That’s why we encourage everyone to give and accept feedback, and always speak to each other directly and not behind people’s backs. Every conversation is a two-way conversation. So be open and honest, yet humble and respectful.
Dare to stand up for your ideas and inspire others to do the same.




With years of delivering products to our Worldwide customers, we have accumulated experience, established business partnerships with well-reputed manufacturers, integrated technology with human resources, all to be able to give our customers the best quality at the most competitive prices.

With the availability of required resources and experience, we can directly benefit our customers as follows:

  • We offer products that pass several quality criteria.
  • Exclusive discounts and attractive offers.
  • Free or extremely low-cost shipping.
  • Secure shipping faster delivery.
  • Flexible return policies.
  • Dedicated and friendly customer support.

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